The Woodlander

Woodland covers roughly one eighth of the UK. It is worth hunting out these areas which hold rich flora and fauna and are a link to the country’s history. Woods change dramatically with the seasons, from the bluebells and lime green leaves of spring, through the dense foliage of summer, the fruits and golden shades of autumn and the frosts and snows of winter. They contain quiet glades and secret places. They are often a maze of paths, some shown on a map, others not. In spite of this, by learning and practising woodland navigation skills you will gain the confidence to discover hidden places full of wildlife. During this full day course we will learn how to:

  • Understand all the different information on an OS map useful to woodland navigation
  • Decide which path to take by taking a compass bearing
  • Learn how pacing and timing can overcome the sense of disorientation
  • Check location and path direction through a simple understanding of contour lines
  • Memorise tree shapes to create a route across pathless terrain without a map or a compass
  • Walk in a straight line across pathless terrain without a map or a compass
  • Discuss wilderness navigation techniques

Full Day

From £45 to £95pp

Berkhamsted / Ashridge