The Challenger

This is a full-on day which gives you a concise introduction to many of the tools you need to master map and compass navigation. We will also discover how GPS and smartphone apps can help you. We will be moving quickly from one skill to the next, but in a structured and logical way. You cannot hope to go from zero to hero in a day, but you will be a good way along the path. After the course, it’s up to you to keep on practising and learning.

Note that this course is best suited to 1 to 1 teaching, rather than groups.

During the day we will cover:

  • The most important symbols on an Ordnance Survey 1:25k map
  • Understanding map scales
  • Working out grid references
  • Setting / orientating the map so it lines up with the landscape and holding it correctly
  • Understanding Grid, Magnetic & True North
  • Relating north on the map to north on the ground
  • Navigating using linear features (paths, fences, woodland edges etc)
  • Rights of way across private and open access land
  • Using the compass to decide on the correct path to take
  • Understanding catching and collecting features and using them to navigate
  • Using the compass to walk on a bearing
  • Using the compass to measure distance
  • The aiming off technique to find points in poor visibility
  • ‘Boxing’ to skirt around big obstacles such as bogs or dense woods
  • Measuring distance on the ground using pacing & timing
  • Using contour lines to find the correct routes and understand the landscape
  • How to deal with finding your way in woodland
  • How Ordnance Survey apps can help you
  • What to do in an emergency in the wilds

One Day

From £30 to £95 pp

Pegsdon Hills or Berkhamsted (or in your preferred location if there is a group of you)