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Naismith's Rule

Naismith’s Rule is a long-established formula for working out how long a walk is likely to take, taking into consideration the distance and the cumulative ascent. With practice it can easily be adapted according to your own horizontal and vertical speed.

It can appear a bit dry and is easy to forget. Turning it into a visual presentation will, with any luck, help it lodge in the memory.

Naismith’s Rule

Checking the direction of a path

There are some excellent online videos which show you how to take a bearing across pathless countryside. However confirming the direction of any path on the ground is always useful. This presentation imagines Jenny going on a walk and coming to a point where she is fairly sure of the direction in which she wants to go, but wants to check. This is a habit everyone should get into! 

The presentation shows not only how it works, but WHY it works. The main part is then followed by itemising the four basic steps,  followed by three ways in which everyone commonly gets it wrong when starting out.

Jenny goes for a walk

Leave no trace

Anyone who walks in the countryside should see themselves as a custodian. This presentation looks at how long any rubbish left in the countryside takes to decompose.

Leave No Trace Show

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