Fra, Walthamstow

NNAS Silver Award, May 2022

"A huge recommendation for Michael Hatch - it has been a lovely, very positive experience. I did it in preparation for a long distance hike in Norway, and Michael provided me with the tools and confidence I needed. We walked in beautiful hilly countryside where I've learned how to interpret maps, contour lines, pacing, taking a bearing with a compass, how to navigate during low visibility conditions, etc. Michael is a lovely person to spend time with. He is patient, calm, reassuring, funny and very flexible. I had to reschedule my course at the very last minute as I woke up with covid, and Michael made it very easy to just plan new dates. If you would like to give a different gift to someone, a navigation course is a fun and educational experience! Highly recommended!"​

Watford Three Rivers Ramblers

Navigation in a Nutshell, August 2022

“It was a great course – well worth attending and funding.” “I really enjoyed the course; Michael was friendly and very knowledgeable.” “The short indoor session to start was pitched at just the right level so as not to intimidate beginners and to intrigue those with a little knowledge.” “Michael paced the instruction just right for me and was clear and happy to go over anything we didn’t understand.” “I came away with confidence of being able to locate myself on a map and also able to use a compass, I need to do more practising now.” “It was an excellent morning. Michael was an excellent teacher and very clear in his explanations. The map work at the start was interesting as it introduced me to unfamiliar markings." "Having the compass explained inside was very helpful and then putting it into practice numerous times while we were walking, I really feel I understand how to use the compass for the first time."

Vino, West London

Navigation in a Nutshell, October 2022

"I found it an extremely informative course and one that was well organised. In particular, I liked that Michael began with basics but quickly built up - this meant that the whole group could quickly build a shared lexicon and approach while also coming to a common understanding. Beginning the session in the room made it easier to focus on the theory but the ability to go out and practice what we’d learned straight away meant that we were able to also learn in a different way, by doing. And giving us the opportunity to support each other meant that different learning styles and speeds were catered for. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to others looking to begin map reading, and hope to come to future courses as my skills and needs evolve."

West London Ramblers

Navigation in a Nutshell, October 2022

"Thank you very for delivering what sounded like a very comprehensive navigation course for the West London Ramblers. The participants found the course very useful with the collective feedback as follows; ‘Michael is very professional and well-organised and he covered all the basics of map reading and navigation using a compass with lots of opportunities for us to practise and ask questions. He is very friendly and supportive’."

Philip, Harpenden

NNAS Silver Award, October 2022

"i actually think the information and clarity of your course far exceeded anything else I have been on, particularly the contour work on Monday. Pegsdon is an excellent location and your guidance is crystal clear."

Suna, North London

The Challenger, November 2022

"I initially contacted Michael to ask about one of the courses on his website, I have never used a map nor compass before. and I wanted to be able to choose the right course for me. Michael took the time to listen to me and has kindly created an itinerary covering all points I wanted to achieve. Michael way of teaching is exceptional, map and compass details were explained at the start of the day which immediately gave me a bit of confidence just by understanding what I am looking at, I was enthusiastic for the practice day ahead of me. Practicing in fields and valleys was enjoyable and fun, Michael is very knowledgeable, took the time to point out and explain different elements of the course and more, ensuring all my questions were answered. The Challenger was perfect for me. I had a great day and learned so much. Massive thank you Michael for teaching me."

Jo, Surrey

Navigation in a Nutshell, February 2024

"Red Kite Navigation has given me the confidence that I needed to explore more. Previously I'd stick rigidly to well signed routes and avoid areas where my phone signal might fail. Following the completion of the Navigation in a Nutshell Course I'm already being more adventurous and trying out new routes. Having failed appallingly at Maths and Geography at school, I had always reading would be too challenging for me. Michael put me at ease immediately and created a fun learning experience. The morning passed so quickly I would happily have carried on. I'm now enjoying putting my new skills into practice and I'll be back to Michael to further advance my navigation skills."

Clare, Surrey

Navigation in a Nutshell, February 2024

"What a lovely experience! I cannot recommend Michael enough. He is interesting, approachable and very knowledgeable. I feel more confident whilst out walking in the hills. I've even noticed I'm more confident following a map in the heart of London."

James, Watford

Bronze NNAS Award, March 2024

Prior to contacting Red Kite Navigation I had no navigational experience. Michael structured the 2-day course in a way that was easy to follow, informative and incredibly enjoyable. He has given me the tools and confidence to go out and practice what he has taught. Michael was incredibly knowledgeable on navigation and the history behind navigation. His knowledge of the local area was also very impressive. I would highly recommend others of all levels to attend a Red Kite Navigation course.