Contour Masterclass

What’s a ring contour? How can you tell the difference between a valley and a ridge on a map? Are the contours telling you you’re going uphill or downhill? Is it really possible to navigate only using contour lines? Once you have learnt and practised the basics of map & compass navigation, it’s time to take your navigation skills one step further. On this one day course you will:


  • Learn how to relate the contour lines on the map to the rise and fall of the landscape. This will set you free to explore away from footpaths on open access land. It will also, with practice, allow you to precisely locate your position in the hills
  • Discover how an understanding of contour lines transforms a map from two to three dimensions
  • Gain the confidence to walk on a compass bearing across open terrain

One Day

From £30 to £95 pp

Pegsdon Hills or Berkhamsted (or in your preferred location if there is a group of you)