Some reasons why people go on Map & Compass Courses

Some very good reasons why people go on Map & Compass Courses When someone contacts me to ask about a course I am always curious about what motivated them to do so. And I never cease to be pleased by the variety of answers. Many of my clients are already experienced walkers and are members of walking clubs, but they’ve always left the navigation to someone else. These clubs are always looking for new people […]

Wandering Free – all about Open Access Land

Wandering Free – All about Open Access Land What is Open Access Land? In England and Wales, when we’re out in the countryside, in the main we are walking along public footpaths and bridleways. These rights of way legally entitle us to walk across otherwise private land. However 8% of England and Wales is designated as Open Access land, which gives you the ‘right to roam’. Broadly speaking this means you are not restricted to marked […]

Why GPS Users should also learn Map & Compass Skills

Why GPS Users should also learn Map & Compass Skills This piece will hopefully inspire everyone who uses a GPS to become a competent map and compass navigator. You will get so much more out of walking in the lowlands, hills and mountains. You’ll also be safer and more confident. With a map and compass to hand, reading the landscape, you will feel like a bird soaring across the countryside, relating all the features to one […]

Navigating using Hedges, Walls & Fences

Navigating using Hedges, Walls & Fences According to the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology there are 642,000km of hedges in England *. Whilst that figure represents a big decline since World War II. it is still a great resource for wildlife and carbon capture… and hedges look great. Another key benefit of hedges to the natural world is that they allow wildlife to move more safely between areas than would be the case across […]