NNAS Bronze Award

The Bronze Award is aimed at people with little or no navigation experience who would like a certified navigation award. It is a tried and tested course which will enable you to:

  • Recognise the most essential symbols on Ordnance Survey Maps
  • Learn how to set a map; in other words, make sure it is always pointing north and lines up with the real world
  • Navigate along features on the landscape such as fences, footpaths, woodland edges and rivers etc.
  • Learn about the importance of Open Access Land, rights of way and the Countryside Code
  • Learn how to measure distance on the map with the help of a compass, and on the ground using pacing, timing and visual judgement
  • Master grid references to identify where you are, and the pros and cons of what3words
  • Use contour features on the map to identify ridges and valleys
  • Learn how to ‘relocate’; in other words, establish where you are when at first you weren’t sure
  • Discuss safety procedures, and kit

For a full list of the topics covered on the Bronze course please follow this link to the NNAS website

Some walking holiday companies require the Bronze NNAS award before you can take part in their in-house training to lead groups. If this is the reason you would like to take the course, please let me know and I can tailor some of the training to your needs.

Two days

From £120 pp

Wheathampstead / Berkhamsted (or in your preferred location if there is a group of you)