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My name is Michael Hatch. I have spent much of my professional life as a walking leader and tour guide, mainly in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy. 

I have always wanted to take the path less travelled… sometimes the path no one else has travelled. I have found map and compass skills to be liberating, taking me to wild areas where I would otherwise never have ventured.

I founded Red Kite Navigation in early 2022. Where I live, near St Albans in Hertfordshire, the red kite has been reintroduced and is thriving amidst the farmland which has been turned into woods and flower meadows. As more of the country becomes wild but also accessible, the red kite struck me as a symbol of hope for everyone who wants to spend more time in the natural world.

I have found that people learn a new skill best when not under pressure. I therefore strive to create a relaxed atmosphere and make my courses both informative and entertaining. Navigating with a map and compass is a very enjoyable thing to do. So the training should be enjoyable too!